Six edible plants that will help you survive in the wild

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Six edible plants that will help you survive in the wild

Most of us have seen one of those survival shows on television, in which ordinary people become stranded in the wild and are forced to live off the land. Yes, its true, many of those shows are staged, but what would you do if you were ever seriously lost or stranded and all you had to live off of until you were found or made it back to civilization was what Mother Nature provided you? Could you do it? Could you survive?

Burdock: This is a is mostly a stout weed that has annoying burrs which stick to clothing and animals. But it is a biennial plant that consists primarily of carbohydrates, volatile oils, plant sterols, tannins and fatty oils.
Cattail: This plant is easily recognizable by its cigar-shaped head. Also known as bullrush, it is one of the most important and most common wild foods that also boast a variety of uses at different times of the year.

Chickweed: Plentiful and common, chickweed is hearty, edible and prevalent.

Clover: A field of clover would be your friend if you were alone in the wild and hungry. Clover is tough to digest raw, but clover leaves are delicious in salads or as juices and are also a valuable survival food, as theyre high in protein, widespread and plentiful in most parts of the world.

Dandelion: You can use dandelions for more than making some wine. And while lawn perfectionists like to have them chemically removed, Govender writes that a better solution is to eat them, because dandelion leaves are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, and beta carotene.

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